When it comes to business process outsourcing solutions, you can count on Global Ventures Outsourcing. Numerous online companies have trusted us to assist them with their operations that are critical to their business. Whether you are planning a start-up, or expanding your global reach, Global Ventures Outsourcing has the experience that you need to realize your goals. It is important for us that our clients can sleep peacefully at night while their business is growing. That’s why we offer many helpful services to assist you throughout your specific needs and have designed them to offer you variety, flexibility and cost-efficiency.


Voice and Non-voice Customer Relation Services

You want to take full advantage of every opportunity to ensure customer satisfaction. Especially when you have limited budget, it’s important to seize affordable ways to connect with your client base. From excellent customer service to email response and live web chat, we have trained our staff to serve you as client support team; available 24/7 to make sure that your clients will be satisfied.





You have a new product, service or add-ons to launch and want to reach your target market in a personal level. Or maybe you are planning to outsource a team to directly market your company to effectively solicit to prospective clients to buy products or services. Global Ventures Outsourcing offers varied telemarketing services including lead generation, sales, outbound and inbound. Our team has experience in telemarketing for varied companies, and we offer all these services within your budget.




Online Marketing Services

Online marketing is among the fastest trends that you must not ignore. Savvy organizations understand this, and that’s why they invest with web marketing to widen the scope of their reach in the ever expanding World Wide Web. We have long years of experience in planning and implementing all levels of web marketing, from creative web development to smart web optimization. We also have seasoned team of writers who can develop web content and write articles for your site or online promotions.


Are you a new website owner or an existing e-commerce entrepreneur and looking to increase web traffic? Do you want to improve the pagerank of your website to reach more customers? Need assistance in developing a well-planned search engine optimization to increase the searchability of your website? Global Ventures Outsourcing has experienced SEO specialists with knowledge and skills in the latest trends in website optimization. We can help you from conception to implementation. Or if you have an existing SEO plan and need to take it to the next level...from effective keywords, meta tags, social media marketing, redesign of your website, development of product images to web development, we have the dynamic team to make certain that your online business is well positioned in the web.


Your website is an important asset for business or organization. It serves not only your portal for the World Wide Web, but it could generate revenue or public approval. The way you present your website is based on the strategy you have developed. Managing the complexity of varied factors to promote your website could be difficult. Global Ventures Outsourcing can help you with search engine marketing along with its vital phases like keyword research and analysis, website saturation and popularity, and back end tools. We can help you evaluate and design your website promotion strategy, whether you want a mass appeal and innovative promotions of your entire online marketing, or just advice from our professional our SEM specialists about online promotions.

Content Marketing

Online content has become increasingly fragmented. With varied options increasing easily today that it seems online readers are accessing new channels for content every day, choosing the best way to market your content is a task that is really overwhelming. Plus, you need to fit within your budget so you can stretch every dollar for your online campaigns. At Global Ventures Outsourcing, we have experts in content marketing with proven records in the creation and development of content in varied niche and share them online. We provided assistance to clients with digital content, article submissions, video portals, online forums, email marketing, social media sharing and many more. Regardless of your business goals, from thought leadership to lead generation, we can only guarantee success.