Global Ventures Outsourcing is a leading business process outsourcing solution provider.We have built long-term relationships with our clients based on reliable and consistent high-class service delivery,faith, malleability and confidence.

We deliver revolutionary and scalable customer interaction and satisfied outsourcing solutions to diversified markets.We have industry leading, time-tested expertise in all our niche markets, and we are devoted to ensuring outstanding value for our clients.

As a valuable BPO company, Global Ventures Outsourcing has carved a niche for itself and developed a brand name within its short span of operation with its qualified and experienced operations and management team at the core.Long-standing careers of our leadership team in the Software Development, Business Consulting, Financial Services and Business Process Outsourcing segment provide an unparalleled insight and understanding of our clients' business.Our expertise in the domains we operate in combined with a process centric approach, an unmatched track record of flawless process migration, and unswerving service delivery, positions us uniquely in the BPO space.

Global Ventures Outsourcing’s profound understanding of industry, progression and processes enables us to provide cost-effective and innovative solutions to help our clients attain high business efficiencies. Our global culture is driven by our sense of integrity, innovation, excellence, exigency, deference and accountability.



Our dynamic work culture and corporate ethics are well reflected in our services across all management level to the top management.
Global Ventures Outsourcing believes in delivering outstanding and incomparable services with integrity, reliability , honesty and complete intelligibility.



“Global Ventures Outsourcing firmly believes that strong correlation with clients and their satisfaction is the key to prosperous growth of any business. Our work culture is entirely focused and based on this belief. Our aim is to digitize our client's thoughts and make them a reality. Our ultimate aim is to be  acknowledged as a leading BPO service provider. We endeavor to provide service within a time bound schedule, meeting deadlines to the advantage and benefit of our clients.”



Global Ventures Outsourcing is not simply another static business entity, which provides IT Services, Business Consulting  and Business Process Outsourcing. Instead, it is a vibrant force that seeks to transform the way the world does business. Global Ventures Outsourcing will evolve and transform over time to meet the requirements of the emergent markets.
It will affirmatively shape new solutions, ideas and will set new standards to be a market leader.  



Customer Commitment : Develop relationships that add a real and positive value to our customer's business
Quality :  Provide outsourcing products & unsurpassed service.
Integrity :  Uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions
Team work :  We work together across teams and departments

                Respect for People
Encourage development
Value each Other
Reward Performance

Personal Accountability :  Personally accountable for delivery on our commitments and lead by example
Determination to Win :  A strong determination to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business